Economical flat roof tile

The gentle swing of the TIEFA XLTOP® and the harmoniously calm surface effect are characteristic for this timeless modern flat roof tile. The flexible medium format of the popular TIEFA XLTOP® is also particularly economical and universally applicable – not just for the flat-inclined roof.

  • Evenly calm, clearly structured surface coverage
  • Special interlocking joint (deep joint) and variable covering length for safe and easy mounting
  • Suitable for roof renovation, modernization and new construction
  • Attention: Now even more environmentally friendly as GREENER roof tiles

TIEFA XLTOP® Brochure as PDF file: Download or Browse

High-class clay roof tiles: perfect in form and function

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High-quality roof tile colours and surfaces

All colours and finishes emphasise the overall architecture with their own distinctive expression. For a house that fulfills your desires.

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Well-thought-out in every detail: accessories for your all-ceramic roof

Laumans supply accessories precisely tailored to the TIEFA XLTOP®, which turn your roof into a technically mature, genuine Laumans clay tile roof in all functional aspects (connection, safety, ventilation and ridge ornaments). Perfect in function – unbeatable in appearance. Naturally available in any possible finish and colour.

Technical Data

Everything at a glance: Simply download the technical data of TIEFA XLTOP® as PDF:

A complete overview of the technical data of our roof tiles can be found on the page: Technical data. If you need special support, please contact us directly.

Laumans GREENER Tiefa Xl Top


GREENER roof tiles are manufactured with electricity from hydropower and climate-neutral biogas. The result: 60 % less CO2 emissions than conventional roof tiles whose production uses fossil fuels. The tile model TIEFA XLTOP®from the GREENER product line is thus even more environmentally friendly than our roof tiles made of the natural building material clay already are. By the way, a GREENER roof tile product costs only a few cents more than a conventional roof tile. Please ask our partners in the roofing trade and specialist retailers for the current costs, which depend on the energy price. The note “GREENER” on the roof tile order is sufficient to actively do something for the environment. GREENER: modern, sustainable roof tile products for responsible roof design and a healthy future. Interested? – feel free to contact us via our contact form >>

By the way: naturally sustainable GREENER products are also available for our other roof tile models and colours.