10 good reasons for the original Randers Tegl Laumans clay roof tile

Randers Tegl Laumans premium roof tiles are made of Tegelen clay and are therefore genuine natural products. Masterful unique pieces – visually complete and technically perfect. For healthy living and lifelong safety. Groundbreaking production processes guarantee the highest product quality and optimal efficiency. What do you get from it? Roof tiles in unique colors and surfaces from extra matte to high gloss. For the individual, creative, and high-quality roof design.

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An all-ceramic Randers Tegl Laumans clay roof tile combines elegance with innovation, unobtrusiveness with excitement, the classic with the modern. Its natural beauty is based on a perfect interplay of all components and the potential to create a harmonious image with any type of architecture.

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The unrivalled versatility of the clay tile offers all builders the possibility of implementing their very own, special dream roof. The large range of products in diverse colours, shapes, and finishes satisfies every desire and is a real breeding ground for creative ideas.

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Experience ensures certainty. And you can certainly rely on Randers Tegl Laumans. We offer you a 30-year guarantee on our products in addition to comprehensive service. No ifs or buts – you can take our word for it

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Highly technical, innovative production processes and consistent quality management (in-house and external product monitoring) make the clay tile a genuine high-tech product. This means builders can be sure they have made the right decision and can trust in decades of protection against all the adversities of nature.

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A clay roof tile gives its owners generations of pleasure and protection. This is not only demonstrated by history and future prospects, but also by the enduring high popularity of clay tiles amongst professionals like architects and roofers. A clay roof tile is never modish, but always modern.

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Only the all-ceramic system guarantees the full performance of a clay tile roof. From the eaves to the ridge, therefore, Randers Tegl Laumans offers you shaped tiles which perform their job 100-percent in each important functional area of your roof. From the clay outlet vent to the ridge starting tile. Naturally, you can also design your roof according to your very own ideas: with clay roof ornaments.

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Clay is a pure and natural material, free of dubious ‘ingredients’ and ‘side effects’. Clay tiles are exclusively produced using the four elements of fire, water, air and earth and are up to 100% recyclable. This means they make a substantial contribution to increasing living and life quality. A lot of value is placed on environmental protection right from when the clay is mined. The resulting pits are recultivated and renatured. That is our responsibility for future generations.

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The shape of the clay tile has been continually redeveloped over the course of the many centuries it has been adorning our roofs. Today’s tile varieties are all easy to handle and process because the original shapes have been perfected. This is particularly good for roofers who are glad to take this time-saving advantage into account when fixing prices.

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For over 125 years, Randers Tegl Laumans has been manufacturing high-quality clay roof tiles. And will continue to do so in the future. Together with the Danish Piper Group, the company has set itself up in the European market in order to meet the growing requirements and the increasing demand for high-quality roof tile products in the future. Out of love for clay.

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A clay roof tile is always worth its price and it has added value. With its timeless aesthetics it always increases the overall value of a property. Additionally, there are hardly any extra costs after purchase and, with proper insulation, it can even help to save more money by reducing energy costs.