CE labelling
CE labelling shows that our roof tiles comply with the essential tenets of the European standard DIN EN 1304. This label is on all our products’ packaging films.

In-house and external monitoring
We conduct regular extensive in-house monitoring of the quality of our roof tiles, the production processes and the raw materials and record the results.
External monitoring is performed by independent and recognised testing institutions at external testing labs and also includes auditing the in-house monitoring. The products’ compliance with the requirements of DIN EN 1304 is confirmed through test certificates and bestowal of the quality protection mark.

IKOB certificate
The IKOB certificate indicates that our products meet the requirements of the Dutch BSB building decree.

Our packing materials are recycled through Interseroh AG. Participant number 25771.
The roof tiles are packed on environmentally friendly euro pool pallets (in acc. with UIC-435).

Zertifikate - Kooperation mit Interseroh Recycling