For Good Reason: Laumans Premium Roof Tiles Made Of Tegelen Clay.

The decision in favour of a new roof as a customer usually only takes place once in a lifetime. Understandable that only the best roofing material is good enough. With premium roof tiles from Laumans, you choose pure nature. Not only do you contribute significantly to improving the quality of housing and living, but every day you also enjoy the unique beauty and harmonious overall picture that our roof tiles create with your house. For a lifetime. Perhaps it also always sounds “more enthusiastic“ when our customers speak of “their roof“. Let yourself be inspired and experience the uniqueness of Laumans Premium roof tiles made of Tegelen clay. You can get our roof tile products in many shapes and colors. For individual and creative roof design. Order your sample now free of charge and without obligation.

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GREENER roof tiles are manufactured with electricity from hydropower and climate-neutral biogas. The result: 60 % less CO2 emissions than conventional roof tiles whose production uses fossil fuels. Our roof tiles from the GREENER product line are thus even more environmentally friendly than our roof tiles made of the natural building material clay already are. By the way, a GREENER roof tile product costs only a few cents more than a conventional roof tile. Interested? – feel free to contact us via our contact form >>