Ton ist Leben

Beyond the wish of every builder for his own home there is a need of security and warmth, of calm and a happy life. This is the reason why he decides to build with high-quality roof tiles out of clay from lower Rhine. Clay is a gift of nature. A gift for life. Clay has a lot of characteristics that improve our life-quality. One of the best: It delivers roof tiles of premium quality.
Only the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire, are necessary to produce the traditional and future-oriented building material. Roof tiles out of clay create a warm living climate. They promote the exchange of air and moisture, defy the sun, storm, rain, ice, snow, and all other environmental influences. They keep heat and cold away. Clay roof tiles create and maintain values for generations. We from Randers Tegl Laumans have been living with and for clay for more than 125 years.


Thomas Piper und Gerald Laumans teilen sich seit 2015 die Laumans Geschäftsleitung

Clay has always played a decisive role in our family and company history. From the founding of Stephan Laumans in 1896 to today, many generations have brought the premium roof tile company Randers Tegl Laumans to its present importance. Thomas Piper from the Piper Group (left / Leading supplier of wall and roof ceramics in Scandinavia and Gerald Laumans (right) successfully lead the company’s fortunes 125 years after the founding of the company.

Laumans Mitarbeiter in der Produktion

Laumans is your partner for high-quality roof tiles. With passion, know-how, service, and a motivated team the new slogan “Premium roof tiles since 1896” isn’t just a slogan, but everyday life.

With new and redesigned roof tile models and colours, Laumans positions itself again as first partner for high-quality roof tiles.

100th anniversary of Laumans in Berlin.

With the extension of the group of partners by the danish Piper-Group the medium-sized company tradition continues. The extension offers new possibilities of development on an international level for Laumans.

With quitting the business area of poroton the company focuses on their main competence roof tiles.

A new roof tile plant is built in Bracht. In the fall of this year Laumans celebrates their 100th anniversary.

A fire at the roof tile plant in Bracht causes huge damages which require a re-built of the plants for roof tiles and poroton.

After World War 2 a processing plant is built in Brüggen. The soaking house is built, worker apartments are built in Brüggen.

After a fire the clay tiles of Bracht were for sale. Laumans overtakes the company.

Laumans relocates their head office to Bracht. Stephan Laumans takes his sons Quirin and Lambert into the company. About 6 millions of roof tiles were produced and sales of 500.000 Reichsmark were made.

On 12th of November in 1926 Laumans overtakes the roof tile plant of the Baehren company.

The first ring-furnance launches. The number of employees is doubled to 80.

The first worker apartments in Bracht are built to secure long-time employees.

In october of 1896 Stephan Laumans founds the Gebr. Laumans & Co. Dach-Falzziegel-Werke together with his father and his brother. They invest 55.000 Goldmark and produce about 1,5 million roof tiles per year



Starting from the raw materials, through the production, the use and the use of the products as components, our clay roof tiles fulfill all the ecological and economic requirements for a future-oriented roofing material. In addition, the recultivation of dismantling facilities, as well as possible subsequent disposal and recycling, is part of our overall corporate concept. Naturally, we always meet the stringent regulatory requirements for clay mining and so contribute to the protection of the environment throughout the production of roof tiles. Our customers therefore always opt for a real natural building material, which is shaped, burned and refined in clay in an ecologically optimized production process from clay to roof tiles. We at Randers Tegl Laumans produce environmentally friendly premium roof tiles.