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Historic twin trough interlocking tile

The historically significant roof tile model LAUMANS MULDEN VARIABEL convinces through its refined and structured composition on the roof surface layout in addition to the geometric arrangement of the two troughs. It convinces through its refined and structured composition on the roof surface layout. Stylish and balanced, this roof tile distinctively offers two layout options: parallel or broken-bonded.

  • Geometrical, filigree-structured surface coverage
  • The No. 1 tile for rustic country homes or homesteads
  • Ideal for the refurbishment of historic buildings and monument preservation

LAUMANS MULDEN VARIABEL Brochure as PDF file: Download or Browse

Randers Tegl Laumans Premium roof tiles: the best out of clay

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Classic roof tile colours for remaining values

Six exquisite colours between red, brown and black and two prized surface finishes give your roof that unmistakable appearance, which sometimes prompts passersby to stare at your house with appreciation. The pronounced interaction of light and shadow of the MULDEN VARIABEL is too beautiful just to be functional.

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Well-thought-out in every detail: Accessories for your all-ceramic roof

To ensure your roof becomes a masterpiece and, above all, remains a one-off, you will receive accessories precisely tailored to the LAUMANS MULDEN VARIABEL, which will make your roof a genuine Randers Tegl Laumans clay tile roof in every functional area from the ventilation to the ridge ornaments. A perfect system with unbeatable appearance.

Technical Data

Everything at a glance: Simply download the technical data of LAUMANS MULDEN VARIABEL as PDF:

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